3rd Annual Vivian Awards are THIS SUNDAY

 3rd Annual Vivian Awards

We would like to thank our wonderful 2014-2015 volunteers for their contribution to this incredible year!!!! And here are the nominees!


Outstanding Lead Actor, Comedy/Drama

Colin Borden                                                Garry/Roger, Noises Off!
Ryan Jason Cook                                         Freddy/Philip, Noises Off!
Mark Hisler                                                  R.P. McMurphy, Cuckoo’s Nest
Kenneth Ruthardt                                       Chief Bromden, Cuckoo’s Nest
John Wylie                                                    Paul Biegler, Anatomy of a Murder


Outstanding Lead Actress, Comedy/Drama

Stephanie Larragoite                                 Dotty/Mrs. Clackett, Noises Off!
Joni Lloyd                                                    Nurse Ratched, Cuckoo’s Nest
Cyd Schulte                                                  Belinda/Flavia, Noises Off!


Outstanding Supporting Actor, Comedy/Drama

Dehron Foster                                             Claude Dancer, Anatomy of a Murder
Dehron Foster                                             Tim Allgood, Noises Off!
Thom Hinks                                                 Judge Weaver, Anatomy of a Murder
Annick Morin                                              Dale Harding, Cuckoo’s Nest

Outstanding Supporting Actress, Comedy/Drama

Amy Bourque                                              Candy Starr, Cuckoo’s Nest
Paige Underwood                                       Brooke/Vicki, Noises Off!


Outstanding Lead Actor, Musical

Dehron Foster                                              Sir Robin, Spamalot
Jon Gallegos                                                 Bob Wallace, White Christmas
Kelvin Krupiak                                            Danny Zuko, Grease
Benjamin Smith                                          Sir Galahad, Spamalot
Dean Squibb                                                The King, The King and I
Joshua Terrazas                                          King Arthur, Spamalot


Outstanding Lead Actress, Musical

Sharee Gariety                                               Anna, The King and I
Emily Melville                                                Betty Haynes, White Christmas
Jessica Quindlen                                           Judy Haynes, White Christmas
Jessica Quindlen                                           Sandy Dumbrowski, Grease
Tasha Waters                                                 The Lady of the Lake, Spamalot


Outstanding Supporting Actor, Musical

Paul Ashby                                                      Patsy, Spamalot
Colin Burdge                                                  Doody, Grease
Dehron Foster                                                Mike Nulty, White Christmas
Logan Mitchell                                               Multiple Roles, Spamalot
Julian Singer-Corbin                                      Lun Tha, The King and I
Art Tedesco                                                     Multiple Roles, Spamalot


Outstanding Supporting Actress, Musical

Courtney Awe                                              Lady Thiang, The King and I
Emily Carvey                                               Martha Watson, White Christmas
Michaela Bateman                                      Tuptim, The King and I
Tasha Waters                                                Rizzo, Grease

Outstanding ALT Debut, Comedy/Drama

Colin Borden                                                Garry/Roger, Noises Off!
Kenneth Ruthardt                                       Chief Bromden, Cuckoo’s Nest
John Wylie                                                    Paul Biegler, Anatomy of a Murder


Outstanding ALT Debut, Musical

Paul Ashby                                                   Patsy, Spamalot
Sharee Gariety                                             Anna, The King and I
Kelvin Krupiak                                            Danny Zuko, Grease
Benjamin Smith                                          Galahad, Spamalot
Tasha Waters                                               Rizzo, Grease


Outstanding Performance by a Youth

Alexander Baca                                           Louis, The King and I
Dallin Gariety                                              Prince Chulalongkorn, The King and I
Amanda Klingler                                         Susan, White Christmas

Outstanding Guest Director

William R. Stafford                                        One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
Nancy Sellin                                                    The King and I
Ryan Jason Cook                                           Anatomy of a Murder


Outstanding Musical Direction

Shelly Andes                                                   Grease
Shelly Andes                                                   Spamalot
Cheryl Sharps                                                 The King and I
William W. Williams & HB Williams        White Christmas


Outstanding Choreography

Edye Allen & Erin Allen                                 Grease
Larry Aguilar                                                    White Christmas
Petter Bennett                                                  The King and I
Peter Bennett                                                    Spamalot          


Outstanding Costume Design

Lila Martinez                                                       Anatomy of a Murder
Carolyn Hogan                                                    White Christmas
Jaime Pardo                                                         Spamalot
Joe Moncada                                                        The King and I


Most Dedicated Crew Member of the Year

Mickey Gammill
Lando Ruiz
Max Protzen
Nick Tapia
Naomi Wager 


Outstanding Booth Operator 

Camille Amend (Follow Spot – White Christmas)
Mathew Ingraham (Follow Spot – The King and I)
Ashley Levitt (Sound Operator – Spamalot)
Max Protzen (Sound Engineer – The King and I)
Naomi Wager (Sound Operator – Grease)


Outstanding Leadership

Linda Deimer (Prop Master – White Christmas)
Mickey Gammill (Deck Cheif – White Christmas)
Anthony Overton (Deck Chief – The King and I)
Dee Skinner (Wardrobe Master – White Christmas)
Naomi Wager (Props Master – The King and I)


Outstanding Grip

Amy Cundall (Grip – Noises Off)
Nick Fleming (Grip – Spamalot)
Alex Gonzales (Key Grip – White Christmas)
John Manzutto (Grip – Grease)
Anthony Overton (Grip – White Christmas)


Outstanding Wardrobe Assistant

Barbara Dawson (Key Wardrobe Asistant – The King and I)
Matthew Flores (Wardrobe Asisstant – Grease)
Kristina Onate (Wardrobe Asisstant – White Christmas)
Kristina Onate (Key Wardrobe Asisstant – Spamalot)
Dee Skinner (Key Wardrobe Assistant – Grease)


Most Improved Crew Member 

Ashley Levitt
John Manzutto
Kristina Onate
Anthony Overton
Naomi Wager


Outstanding Newcomer

John Anderson (Grip – Spamalot)
Amy Cundall (Grip / Wardrobe Asistant – Noises Off)
Jordan Franklin (Sound Runner – Spamalot)
John Manzutto (Grip – Grease)
Aryssa Olguin (Wardrobe Assistant – Spamalot)


Outstanding Stage Manager

Elizabeth Bailey (Spamalot)
Mickey Gammill (The King and I)
Nick Tapia (Grease)
Nick Tapia (Noises Off)
Naomi Wager (White Christmas)


Most Dedicated Crew Member of the Year

Mickey Gammill
Lando Ruiz
Max Protzen
Nick Tapia
Naomi Wager


Outstanding Usher

Charm Bolohan
Marti Kessler
Maria Oller
Maria Otero – Ball
Hope Ruiz


Outstanding “Veteran” Usher

Kathryn Brodie
Bob DeGeorge
Rebecca Dyble
Marylou Henson
Marta Santiago
Roberta Tixier


Outstanding Usher Team

Maria & John Henfling
Margaret & Carl Hime 
Pam Krug & George Abernathy
Sadie & Juan Ortiz
Berta & Don Wagstaff
Bob & Jan Wilson


Outstanding Box Office Volunteer

Patricia Overall
Barb Smalis
Jan Wilson


Outstanding Newcomer Usher

John Anders
Rachel Porlas
Jacob Spencer


Outstanding Opening Night Reception Host

Jennifer Gonzales
Gerry Taylor
Berta & Don Wagstaff
Carol Wiggins


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