Our highly trained and professional staff collectively share credits on Broadway, regional theatre, as well as countless TV and film appearance

Heidi Griffin
Heidi Griffin is excited to begin her 3rd year, writing and assistant directing for ALT’s Children’s Theatre Department, under Kathryn Morales. Heidi, who studied Comedy Writing at UNM, under Digby Wolfe, especially loves the Playbuilders classes, where she helps the kids work together to develop cooperative stories, based on their own original characters. Children continue to be the best collaborators and audience with whom Heidi has ever had the pleasure of working.


Kathryn Morales
Kathryn K. Morales is a native of Albuquerque, New Mexico. In her youth, she had the opportunity to work with Bill Hayden, who founded the Albuquerque Children’s Theatre in 1962. Her work with him planted a life long love of children theatre in her heart. As an adult she returned to work with Bill and later Sue Ann Gunn who took over the mantle of director of ACT at the time of Mr. Hayden’s death in 1989. Albuquerque Children’s Theatre merged with ALT in 2002. Kathryn continued to work as an assistant to Sue Ann Gunn and later with Jonathan Dunski (founder of Play Conservatory) who oversaw the educational programs at ALT in the early 2000’s. Beginning in 2006 she stepped in as Education Coordinator and has had the joy of teaching and directing children and youth in classes, productions and outreach programs offered through ALT. With the help of Albuquerque Children’s Theatre alumni, Kate Murphy Sanchez and Heidi Griffin both gifted playwrights, she has developed the PlayBuilders program which gives young children the opportunity to create original characters and plays that are showcased on ALT’s historic stage every semester. She feels very honored to carry on Albuquerque Children’s Theatre legacy of “theatre for, by and with children” in conjunction with ALT’s historic community theatre.

Classes: Play Actors, Play Builders, Let’s Put on a Play, Fairytales We Love