Adult Classes

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June 9-30, 2018


Instructor: Jim Cady
Location: Albuquerque Little Theatre

Open to all students who take the craft of acting seriously and want to be grounded in technique. This workshop will cover the technique developed by David Mamet and William H. Macy and outlined in the book A Practical Handbook for the Actor and in David Mamet’s book True and False: Heresy and Common Sense for the Actor. (It is not necessary to purchase the books.) Through exercises and improvisation, the student will investigate Physical Action, The Truth of the Moment, Script Analysis, Scene Preparation and actual scene work and all the tools needed to successful fulfillment of character. The workshop is designed to take the mystery out of acting and bring the craft down to simple, easy to follow rules that are rewarding and fun.

“Jim takes the complicated out of acting. He simplifies it and has you live in the moment. I just wish I had been studying with him sooner”


*Directors Corner*

Instructor: Jim Cady
Location: Albuquerque Little Theatre
Saturdays 2:00pm-5:00pm

Come learn from one of Albuquerque’s most renowned directors. Open to all students who want to be in charge. This class will focus on the following with emphasis on the play as action:

  • Selecting a play you have a passion to direct
  • Casting
  • Simple script analysis. Who does what to whom, how, when, where?
  • The scene as the fundamental unit of action
  • Blocking, organic and planned
  • The directors stage picture. The conventional wisdom vs. your vision. When should a scene by played center stage, down stage right or left? Are there rules for this?
  • The director’s concepts vs. the playwright’s intension
  • Directing by theme as opposed to action
  • Working with great actors, working with not so great actors, working with actors who haven’t a clue. What to do when an actor asks you what his or her motivation is? And when to step aside.
  • Working with designers, sets, floor plan, set decoration, props. How do they support the action?
  • Working with stage managers

Students in the workshop will be working hands on with other students either from the Directing workshop or from the Actor’s workshop and will prepare short scenes for presentation on the last day of class.

Directors who show promise may be offered the opportunity to work with main stage directors at ALT as assistant directors, with the future opportunity to direct on the main stage.


If you have any questions please contact
Jessica Quindlen
505-242-4750 x3