Adapted by Joseph Robinette. From the novel by L.M. Montgomery.
Directed by Courtney Wilgus.

Auditions will be held Saturday, December 10, 2011 at ALT.

Signing up to audition is not necessary, but appreciated. To sign up, please send an email to and include your name, gender, age and a phone number.

This show will be a cast of all ages (6 – 60+); adults will play the adult roles. Families are encouraged to audition, as this is a show within our family series.

Youth Auditions: 10am- 12 noon (doors will open at 9.30am for paperwork)

Youth Auditions: All youth (ages 11-18) should prepare a 1 minute monologue and arrive at 10am. Anyone auditioning for Minnie May Berry (female, ages 6-8) should arrive by 10am and will be seen from 10-10.30am; there is no preparation needed for Minnie May. All youth auditions will take place in the theater. Please enter through the main Box Office doors. This is a closed audition. Parents are asked to wait in the lobby.

Adult Auditions: 2pm-4pm (doors will open by 1:45pm for paperwork)

Adult Auditions: Cold readings from the script. All adult auditions will take place in the theater. Please enter through the main Box Office doors.


  • Rehearsals start the first week in January; they will be Monday – Friday, 6:30pm – 9:30pm. with the occasional Saturday.
  • You must be available for all performances. Show runs February 24 – March 11: Fridays at 7.30pm, Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm. There is a School Time Performance at ALT on Thursday, March 8 at 10am.
  • Please bring a list of all your conflicts/potential conflicts to list on your audition form.


  • ANNE SHIRLEY (female, 12-16) An energetic dreamer who is hot-headed, speaks her mind, and talks entirely too much
  • MATTHEW CUTHBERT (male, 40s-60s) A strong but silent older man who quickly falls to Anne’s charms
  • MARILLA CUTHBERT (female, 40s-60s)  A stern, older woman who likes routine and dislikes surprises.
  • RACHEL LYNDE(female, 40s-60s) A strict, blunt friend of Marilla’s who likes neat and proper things and people. The town busy-body.
  • MR. PHILLIPS (male, 20-30) Avonlea school teacher who is enamored with his student Prissy Andrews.
  • PRISSY ANDREWS (female, 15-18) A schoolgirl studying to attend Queen’s Academy. The teacher’s pet.
  • DIANA BARRY (female, 12-16)  A schoolgirl who loves to dream and dream who becomes Anne’s “bosom friend” and enjoys many adventures with Anne.
  • MRS. BARRY (famle, 35-50) Diana’s mother who is strict and thinks all girls should be neat and proper at all times
  • MINNE MAY BARRY (female, 6-8) Diana’s little sister.
  • JOSIE PYE (female, 12-16) A schoolgirl.
  • RUBY GILLIS (female, 12-16) A schoolgirl.
  • MOODY MacPHERSON (male, 12-16) The son of the train station owner who is also a schoolboy.
  • CHARLIE SLOANE (male, 12-16) A schoolboy.
  • JANE ANDREWS (female, 12-16) A schoolgirl.
  • GILBERT BLYTHE (male, 12-16) A schoolboy who competes with Anne for the top student in school and for the best teaching job after school.  Also he and Anne have difficulty showing their true feelings for each other.
  • MISS SUSAN STACY (female, 19-25) School teacher who encourages her students in their education.
  • AUNT JOSPHINE BARRY (female, 60-80) Diana’s wealthy Great Aunt, who takes a liking to Anne and supports her higher education.
  • MRS. ALLAN (female, 30-50) The Reverend’s wife.

*Ages are connected to the age of the character being portrayed.  It does not rule out the possibility of casting actors of different ages for parts outside of their age range.

Supporting Roles:

  • Stationmaster
  • Mrs. Blewett
  • Reverend Bentley
  • Miss Roderson
  • Jerry Buote
  • Tillie Boulter
  • Jimmy Glover
  • Bessie Wright
  • Mary Jo
  • Reverend Allan
  • Carrie Sloane
  • President of Queen’s Academy
  • Mr. Sadler
  • School Children, Girls at Sunday School, Graduates, Mourners & Pallbearers

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