Welcome to the Merry Ol’ Land of OZ!

Thanks to everyone who auditioned. It was a very difficult casting process, but here is the official cast list and production staff for ALT’s summer production of The Wizard of OZ:

The Wizard of Oz

Principle Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Maggie McClelland             Dorothy Gale

Christy Burbank                   Auntie Em / Glenda, Good Witch of the North

Eddie Dethlefs                      Uncle Henry / Emerald City Guard

Larry Aguilar                        Hunk / Scarecrow

Warren Wilgus                     Hickory / Tin Man

Stephen Balling                    Zeke / Cowardly Lion

Leslee Richards                    Miss Amira Gulch / Wicked Witch of the West

Arthur Alpert                        Professor Marvel / The Wizard of Oz

Ensemble Cast (Alphabetical Order)

Abbie Gonzales                    Munchkin (Tot), Poppy, Town Person

Alexis Kennerly                    Munchkin (Teacher), Poppy, Town Person

Alison Balis                          Poppy, Monkey, Beautician, 2nd Woman

Alix Hamon                           Munchkin (Coroner), Poppy, Beautician, Jitterbug

Amber Belliston                   Munchkin (Tot), Poppy, Town Person

Angel Molina                       Munchkin (Braggart), Poppy, Town Person

Arica Baughman                  Beautician, Winkie, Jitterbug (U.S. Dorothy)

Ben Silva                               Munchkin (Tough Guy), Town Person, Monkey

Caillie Waters                       Munchkin (Teacher), Poppy, Town Person

Cassandra Luna                   Munchkin (Barrister), Poppy, Town Person

Catalina Sapien                     Munchkin (Fiddler), Poppy, Town Person

Chloe Brownell                     Munchkin (Tot), Poppy, Town Person

Danae Otero                          Poppy, Beautician, Girl, Monkey

Drake Sikelianos                   3rd Crow, Polisher, Winkie, Monkey

Gabriel Armijo                       Munchkin (Father), Town Person, Monkey

Jackson Murrieta                 Munchkin (Tough Guy), Town Person, Monkey

Jill Lindsay                            3rd Tree, Beautician, Winkie, Jitterbug

Kiersten Johnson                 Poppy,   Manicurist, Winkie, Jitterbug

Larissa Trudell                      2nd Tree, Beautician, Monkey, Winkie

Matthew Zank                      Munchkin (Mayor), Town Person, Monkey

Nicolette Sikelianos             1st Woman, Manicurist, Head Jitterbug, Winkie

Nik Duran                              1st Crow, Polisher, Jitterbug

Seferino Garcia                     Munchkin (Father), Maintenance Man, Monkey

Shay Terry                            2nd Man, Polisher, Winkie General

Stephen Lambros                 Munchkin (Father), MM, Monkey, Winkie

Suzanne Jones                      1st Tree, Manicurist, Winkie, Jitterbug

Thomas Hamer                     2nd Crow, 1st Man, Maintenance Man, Nikko, Winkie

Trey Browne                         Munchkin (Tough Guy), Town Person, Monkey

Creative Team

Ryan Jason Cook                 Director

Billy Trabaudo                      Assistant Director

Zack Kear                              Music Director

Cindy Sikelianos                  Dance Choreographer

Colby Landers                      Scenic Designer

Josh Bien                               Lighting Designer / Sound Designer

Bernadette Michaels           Costume Designer

Production Team

Becca Hudgins                     Stage Manager

TBA                                       Assistant Stage Manger

Colby Landers                      Technical Director

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  1. Congratulations to Amber Belliston. We are proud of you. Same for rest of cast. Will be a great show

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