Capital Campaign

For the past 88 years, Albuquerque Little Theatre has been presenting the finest community theatre in New Mexico and nurturing young, aspiring talent through exciting, innovative educational programs. Audiences have been delighted year after year by the highest quality performances that raise the cultural integrity of the city of Albuquerque!

The tremendous growth in our attendance at Albuquerque Little Theatre over the last ten years has rendered our restrooms inadequate. In the summer of 2019, we celebrate our 90th Anniversary! Now is the time to continue the momentum and help ALT upgrade our facilities to honor this momentous occasion.


We are the current custodians of a legacy. At this place in time we need to do what we can to assure Albuquerque Little Theatre is here for future generations. We are committed to honoring the past and making improvements to support the next 90 years.

Theatre Changes Lives
Live theatre change lives, enriches the spirit, educates and stretches the imagination, be it through comedy, drama, music, history, fantasy, fact or fiction. Live theatre deepens our understanding of the human spirit, extends our capacity to comprehend the lives of others and allows us to imagine a more just and humane world. Improving essential facilities for the Albuquerque Little Theatre can accrue all these benefits and so much more to our for our community.