Audition Tips:

Be prepared! If you are asked to present a song or monologue, prepare your piece well. Memorize your selection and practice it! For cold reads, familiarize yourself with the story and the characters (excerpts from scripts can be found online). Do your homework on the project. This includes knowing all the players and the show’s tone and style.

Be kind! Remember that your audition for every show begins the moment you walk in the door. You may be perfect in the audition room, but rudeness or misbehavior in the lobby will be noticed.

Be on time! We ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment or open call time so that all of your paperwork can be completed before you go in for your auditions. Arriving early also gives you time to relax and focus and not feel rushed.

Use your waiting time wisely! It is great to see old friends and make new ones at an audition, but be sure to take some time to focus on your audition.

Dress appropriately! Come dressed for movement. This means you should dress in clothes that are comfortable and will not impede your movement, but still be neat, clean and nice looking. Sturdy shoes that stay on your feet are a must!

You can only be you, so be yourself and enjoy the process! Perform because you love performing. Share your artistry above all else. Try to relax and enjoy your moment to shine, to perform, and grow with experience.

Remember that we’re all human in that room, and you have the power to affect us on an emotional level. It’s what we all really want. That’s your job as an actor. We want you to be fully present, truthful, personal, and vulnerable to give us the ingredients we need to make each show at ALT better than the last. We all want to present the Albuquerque community with great work. We’re rooting for every actor. You show up and do your fullest, deepest work, and we will have the opportunity to present OUR fullest work on opening night! Welcome to Albuquerque Little Theatre!