Show Ratings

ALT Show Ratings

Albuquerque Little Theatre has implemented a ratings system for its shows so that patrons can attend productions best suited to their tastes. We use the same classification as the movie ratings, but our criteria may differ. Please review the chart below to see what each rating means.

If you have further questions about the ratings system, please contact the Box Office.

Rating:   Types of Content
G   Appropriate for audiences of all ages*.
PG   May include some violence, mildy suggestive material, and mild profanity. 
PG-13   May include violence, adult situations and profanity.
R   Adult content that may include violence, profanity, sexual situations, drug and/or alcohol abuse, and partial nudity.

*For the comfort and enjoyment of all patrons, we respectfully request that children under the age of 3 not be brought to the theatre.

For more information about why a particular show has a certain rating,
please contact the Box Office at (505) 242-4750×2.

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