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October 17, 2017

2017-09-14 15.45.43Hi everybody! Its me again – Rosco! Sorry I haven’t written sooner, but things have been super busy here, with Dad and his friends getting everything ready for the newest show. Boy, I’ll tell you, until I came here with my dad, I had no idea how much work it takes to get one of these “play” things ready!

This one is called The Addams Family (at least, that what Dad keeps calling it), and its all about this crazy family called the Addams. Or, the Addamses. I’m not sure how you would say that. (You might have already guessed, English wasn’t my first language, and its turning out to be super complicated! I know most of you don’t speak Dog, but believe me – it’s waaay easier.) Anyhow, I used to think the strangest person I ever met was the pretty actor-lady who pretended to be Mary Poppins, ‘cause she knew how to FLY! I’m still expecting Dad to learn flying any day, ‘cause he’s already figured out just about everything else, but who knows? Maybe I’ll learn it even before he does!

So anyway, like I said, these Addamses are a crazy bunch! They have swords, and crossbows, and even a big rack that stretches you! Its called a “torture rack” (whatever that means), and it doesn’t look like it would be much fun (no matter what that crazy kid Pugsley says…). Then again, it seems like it might make me a little bit taller, and I’m all for that!

The whole crazy family is kind of eerie, and spooky, and the truth is I’ve only watched 2017-09-20 15.48.40the actor-people do the show once, ‘cause I get a little bit scared. Dad says I’m being silly, and there’s nothing to be scared of ‘cause they mostly just sing, but I guess he doesn’t realize that he and his friends have made sooo many creepy things for the show that it just gets to be a little too much for me sometimes. There’s a hand that moves all by itself, and a plant with a huge mouth that looks big enough to eat me in one bite, and a chair that doesn’t even look too comfortable before the big spike comes out of the seat!

There’s magic potions that make people act weird, and a big spooky tree that grows all the way to the ceiling, and a rat running around that’s almost as big as me! And I don’t even like the smaller ones much. And you remember last time when I told you how my Dad rescued a little bird..? Well there’s a little bird in this show just like that one, only this time, their crazy daughter Wednesday (that’s her real name, honest!) just picks it up off a branch, and squishes it!!! Or maybe she just scares it to death by looking at it. I don’t know – truth is, I kinda had my eyes closed most of the time. All I know is – that Wednesday’s just about the spookiest of the whole bunch, and I’m staying away from her. Dad keeps telling me she’s just pretending, but I’m not taking any chances. I guess the Addams that I like best is the one they keep calling “It” (which seems kind of mean…). He’s almost as big as Dad, and he’s completely made of fur, just like me! Well, I guess it’s more like hair than fur, but I like him anyway. I bark to him, and he squeaks back to me, and even though we don’t understand each other very well, I still like having him around. Actually, I keep saying “he”, but I’m really not sure. I guess it doesn’t really matter…


Now that The Addams Family is playing for the audience-people, Dad has already started getting ready for the next show, which he calls Annie. I don’t know much about it yet, but Dad says there’s a whole bunch of little kids in it! I’m really excited about that, ‘cause like I said, there’s not much in the whole world I like better than having kids chase me! Don’t worry, though. They never catch me – unless I want ‘em to. I’m waaay too fast. Faster than Dad, even, and he’s like 10 times my size!


So I was thinking, even though I still don’t get to do very much here to help out Dad and his friends (still no thumbs, dang it, but I’m still trying!), I do love talking to people, and I’m getting pretty good at typing too, so I was thinking that if any of you want to know more about what Dad and his friends do back stage, and how they come up with all this amazing stuff for the actor-people to use, you could write to me and I’ll find out and give you an answer! Sometimes people want to come in and help out with making all this stuff, but I guess a lot of people just want to know how it’s done. So send me your questions at and I’ll answer you right away! I’ll talk to you soon!


September 16, 2017

Hi, everyone. Rosco here. I hope you’ve all been having a great summer. I know I sure have!

IMG_3446Since the last day of Mary Poppins it’s been a non-stop rollercoaster of running, fetching, learning all about “sit” and “stay”, chasing treats, and of course plenty of napping and relaxing while I watch Dad and his friends do all the amazing stuff they do. Since there aren’t any actor-people doing shows in the summer, they get to do all kinds of cleaning and organizing, making drawings and plans for the shows coming up, teaching new friends all about how to help out with building things and making costumes, and lots of other fun stuff. When I get a little taller, and get some thumbs like my Dad has, I’m hoping they’ll let me help out, but so far I can’t really pick things up, so I mostly just watch and learn. And boy, am I learning an awful lot about being in a theater! One thing I really wish I could help out with is the classes and shows that the young kids do. They sure do seem to be having a great time! They write their own stories, and Dad and his friend Thane build them some really great sets to use. And best of all – the kids love chasing me around! (They never catch me though. I may not look it, but I’m really, really fast!)


So, I also wanted to tell you about something really amazing that just happened yesterday! I think you already know all about my Dad, right..? I’m pretty sure his real name is Glenn, ’cause that’s what everyone else here calls him, but I’ve always just called him Dad. People say he’s the TD here, (whatever that means). I think it means he’s in charge, ’cause he makes plans for the sets and the lights for the shows, and answers everybody’s questions, and fixes everything! He seems to know how to do just about anything, and I’m really proud he’s my Dad.IMG_3445

So anyway, Dad’s friend Thane – who’s the Master Carpenter (whatever that means) – decided to put a couch all the way upstairs in the room where the actor-people rehearse, for everyone to be comfortable. While he was taking the couch up the stairs, he propped the door open so it wouldn’t be in the way. Then, when he was done, he was just about to close that door when he heard a noise. It turns out a tiny little bird (Dad called it a “hummingbird”, whatever that means) had flown in through the open door, and was attacking the lights on the ceiling! I’m not sure why – maybe he thought there was food up there. But boy, those sure are some crazy little birds! (Sometimes I like to chase them, but I never catch them. Even I’m not that fast! Plus, I haven’t figured out how to fly yet…) So anyway, Thane told Dad and his other friend Lando to come up and see the bird, and help him figure out how to get it to fly back outside. Dad decided to pick up a chair and gently push the bird toward the open door. (It was flying so high up there, I couldn’t really do much to help.)

But you’ll never guess what happened next! Instead of flying away, the crazy little bird landed on the chair, and just sat there looking around! So Dad started walking across the room real slowly, like he was sneaking up on a tiger or something, and when he got to the door, the little guy just happily flew away! (The little bird, I mean. Not Dad. I don’t think Dad can fly either. But I’m not positive…)


All I know is, on top of everything else, it turns out my Dad is a bird expert, too! It sure was amazing to watch him do that! In fact, I was so proud of him that I took a picture.

So anyway, I just thought you’d like to know about some of the cool stuff that happens here, backstage. I’m pretty busy most of the time, but when I get a chance, I’ll tell you all some more! Oh, and don’t forget to come see the show we’re doing. Its called “Driving Miss Daisy”, and my Dad and his friends made these huge walls that float around the stage like magic, and he shines pictures up on them! Its so cool!

My Dad is amazing. Well back to work! I’ll talk to you soon!




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