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Costume Shop

Costumes are just as important to a production as the actors in them. How do we get our costumes? The costumes you see on stage range from donated clothing that has been altered, to costumes completely made from scratch by our in house costume master. Creating costumes for 7 different casts a year is huge. Some shows can have more than 20 cast members, each with numerous costumes! 

Industrial Blind Hemmer / $400.00
Industrial Single Needle / $1,200.00
Professional Dressform / 2 at $280 each
Cone Thread / 4 at $32 each
Fabrics & Notions / Valued at $500.00
Includes sewing machine needles, threads, snaps, hooks, eyes, ribbon, lace, etc.

Properties (Props)

A prop, formally known as property, is an object used on stage or screen by actors during a performance or screen production. In practical terms, a prop is considered to be anything movable or portable on a stage or a set, distinct from the actors, scenery, costumes, and electrical equipment. Here is what our props department wish for.

Organizational Bins. Multiple sizes / 10 at $15 – $25 each
Industrial Rolling Laundry Baskets / $30 – $130

Scene Shop

A scenery shop or scene shop is a specialized workshop found in many medium or large theaters, as well as many educational theatre settings. The primary function of a scene shop is to fabricate and assemble the flats, platforms, scenery wagons, and other scenic pieces required for a performance. If you’ve enjoyed our sets, then help us out with a few gifts to make them even better! 

Scissor Lift / $3,000.00 – ~$15,000.00
A heavy-duty piece of industrial equipment, a scissor life will allow our technical staff to access the highest points of the ALT stage ceiling for lighting, rigging, backdrops, moveable walls, and a host of other uses. An alternative to our current system – a genie lift – the scissor lift is faster, safer, stronger, reaches higher, and allows the operator to move around the stage independently. A second-hand unit in decent condition can run $3K to $5K, while a brand-new warranted unit may run over $15K.

Panel Saw / $1,000.00 – $2,000.00
Used to make safe and accurate cuts in large sheet lumber (plywood, luan, etc.), a panel saw makes the operation simple and safe for a single operator, unlike our portable table saw which requires two people and often significant physical effort. Prices range from $1K to $2K for a basic model. 

Replacement Parts Budget / $5 – $100+
With the amount of carpentry and metalwork that we do, items like circular saw blades, jigsaw blades, metal cut-off wheels, drill and router bits, etc, can wear out quickly. A dull tool is a dangerous tool. Prices can range from $5 – $100 and beyond. 

Lumber / $3 – $40 each
The vast majority of our sets are made of wood. Although we design our work specifically to be easily dismantled and reused, there is always a need for new, full size pieces of plywood, 2×4’s, 1×4’s, luan, 2×10’s and other basic pieces. Prices range from $3 – $40 each, depending on the item. 

Sound Engineering

Theatrical sound engineers are responsible for amplifying, mixing, recording, syncing, and reproducing sounds and effects for theatrical rehearsals, productions, and special events. They may be responsible for looking over equipment, checking connections, and coordinating staff. We are always improving our sound system and could use help reaching some of our goals. 

Mac Mini (2019 128gb) / $700 – $800
Allow us to continue to update our Sound and Projection Design abilities for our productions (software we use are only iOS programs).

iPhone 8 or higher (unlocked) / $300 – $400 (refurbished) / $600 (new)
The canned music we use requires an iPhone to use, newer iPhones will ensure we have a working, devoted, iPhone for years to come.

XLR Adaptors / $3 – $20+
XLR to 1/4”, XLR (M) to XLR (M), XLR (F) to XLR (F), pretty much any and all XLR adaptors would help

XLR Cables / $10 – $50
(depending on length and brand) Any lengths of XLR to XLR would help.

2 Channel USB Audio Interface with Phantom Power / $100 – $200
This will allow us to record effects with clearer audio files to work with.

Studio Condenser Mic / >$100
o enhance ALT’s ability to record actors for sound effects. (Sometimes comes with below studio mic set up).

Studio Condenser Mic Set Up / >$100 
The arm and pop filter to use with a Studio Mic. (Sometimes comes with above studio mic).

XLR Snake / Up to $150 – $200
Preferably longer in length, 12/16/24 or more inputs/outputs

Extension Cables / $10 – $30 (depending on length)
A theatre can never have too many. Preferably black.

Power Strips / $10 – $30 (depending on socket amount)
A theatre can never have too many. Preferably more sockets.

HDMI Cables / $5 – $10
Only a few are needed to assist in screen usage for a new computer.

Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Adapter / 10 at ~ $10 each
These connectors allow us to connect iPhones (Mac products) to our speaker system. 

Portable Wireless Lavalier Microphones / 20 at $1,000.00 each
Wearable microphones that amplify speaking or singing.

Light Engineering

Like what you’re seeing on stage? You can thank our light engineer for illuminating it for you. Theatre lighting technicians employ high-level skills to prepare, rig, operate and maintain stage lighting systems and electrical effects. They produce the lighting effects seen in live theatre productions and their work can range from operating strobes to providing basic spotlighting depending on the production.

Lighting technicians work closely with lighting designers, sound technicians, the director and the stage manager to combine their skills and help create the live theatre experience. Help us make sure we continue to provide you with great lighting! 

Altman Comet Follow Spot / 2 units at $1,900.00 per unit. (Total: $3,800.00)
Because of the increasing interest and amount of musicals ALT now offers, follow spots are needed for these productions. In many instances, 2 follows spots are needed to follow two performers at the same time.

Altman LED Spectra Par / 10 units at $1,450.00 per unit. (Total: $14,500.00)
The units now being utilized for the theater’s backlights require the use of Lamps (bulbs) which must be replaced on a regular basis at a cost of $14.00 per lamp. The Altman LED Spectra Par should last years without replacement of any parts. 


Also known as run crew, stagehands, or backstage crew, these professionals work backstage during performances to keep the show running smoothly and safely. They are in charge of moving scenery, special effects such as trap doors or helping actors “fly,” keeping track of props, and even operating lighting and sound systems. The following gifts will make their job easier and safer!

Headset Walkie Talkies / 4 at $50 – $60 per unit. 
These hand free devices allow our backstage crew to communicate with each other, and the stage manager without distracting cast or audience members. 

ALT Branded Crew Shirts / $20 – $25 per shirt.
In order to not be seen by the audience, our crews wear “all blacks” during the performances. Currently, these items of clothing, that they are required to wear, come at an out-of-pocket cost to our volunteer crews. 

How it works – When you find something on the list that you’d like to purchase as a Birthday Gift, simply donate the suggested amount to ALT. You can make your donation in person at the Box Office during business hours or mail your donation in, making sure to let us know what items you would like your donation to go towards.