This is such a fun show!!! We are thrilled to bring it to you — but first, WE NEED A CAST! 🙂  We are still accepting folks who want to sign up (just email but if you haven’t signed up and want to audition, COME ON OVER TOMORROW! 


Book by Harvey Fierstein; Music and Lyrics by Jerry Herman; Based on the play by Jean Poiret Directed by Henry Avery
Choreography by Larry Aguilar
Music Direction by William W. Williams

*Audition details:
Saturday, December 15th – Vocal Auditions 10a – 12:30p; 1p – 3:30p
— Dance Auditions 4p

Sunday, December 16th – Vocal Auditions 4:30p – 6p
— Dance Auditions 6:30p

*Vocal auditions — Please prepare 32 bars (measures) (approximately 1:00) of a Broadway style song. You can bring sheet music clearly marked with you (an accompanist will be provided) or you may bring a CD with recorded music-only track. Everyone should plan on attending vocal AND dance auditions. Please dress appropriately.

*Callbacks will be held on Monday, December 17th from 5:30p – 7:30p

*Rehearsals will begin the first week of January. They are typically held Sunday – Friday evenings from 6:30p – 9:30p, and are subject to change as needed.

*Performance dates are March 1st – 24th, 2013

*Show Synopsis:
*This is the fabulous Broadway hit based on the long-running French play “La Cage Aux Folles” and the popular film “The Bird Cage” starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane.

After twenty years of un-wedded bliss Georges and Albin, two men partnered for better-or-worse, get a bit of both when Georges’ son (fathered during a one-night fling) announces his impending marriage to the daughter of a bigoted, right-wing politician. Further complicating the situation is the ‘family business’: Albin and Georges run a transvestite nightclub in St. Tropez, where Albin is the “star” performer ‘Zaza’. Georges reluctantly agrees to masquerade as “normal” when he meets the family of the bride-to-be. But Albin has other plans, with hilarious results!

*Character Breakdown:
Albin – a performer of star quality; mature; great powerhouse of a Broadway voice; fine comic actor.

Georges – a star, mature and attractive; good singer; energetic, loving and caring; must move well.

The Cagelles – Male singers/dancers who play the female impersonators at the St. Tropez nightclub. Must be convincing as attractive women. Not only must they sing well, they must be able to perform dance styles from tap to can-can. Must have good comic timing since each Cagelle has a definite “personality”.

Jean-Michel – must appear to be 20 years old; handsome, masculine, well-mannered, educated; desperately in love with his fiancée, Anne; lyric baritone who acts, sings, and moves well.

Jacob – male butler/maid in his early 20’s; brilliant comedian who sings and moves well.

Anne – 18 – 21 years old; Jean-Michel’s fiancée; lovely to look at; spunky; a superb dancer who acts well.

Dindon – Anne’s father; right-wing radical politician; pompous, quirky; must sing, move well, and be a fine comedian.

Marie Dindon – Anne’s mother, age 48 – 52; shy, retiring, sexually repressed and sex-starved; good singer and actress who moves well; should look great in a leotard for the finale.

Jacqueline – mature, female friend of Georges and Albin; owns a chic restaurant; attractive, charming; very theatrical; singer; possibly a French accent.

Renaud – mature, male friend of Georges and Albin; owns a small café.

Francis – male stage manager in Georges’ club; strong actor/dancer.

*There is also a small singing/dancing ensemble that plays supporting roles.

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