Congratulations to the cast of The Hobbit!


Congratulations to everyone who was cast in ALT’s Family Series production of The Hobbit!  The competition was tough, and we thank everyone who came out to audition!
Alex Gonzales — Balin

Annie Elliot — Grocery Girl/Elf Soldier

Atom Gorelick — Thorin

Barrett Kerr — Goblin

Chad Terry — Gollum

Chris Molony — Bert/Smaug

Courtney Gates — Kili

David Belovarski — Goblin

Forrest Nathaniel Goodluck — Bifur

Helene Walker — Elf Soldier

Jackson Murrieta — Dwalin

Jacquie Carpenter — Fili

John Yoder — Oin

Julian Petersen — The Great Goblin

Kathryn Sokolowski — Second Elf Guard

Katy Fullinwider — First Elf Guard

Kelsey Gates — Elf Soldier

Logan Smith — Ori

Michael Yoder — Gloin

Michelle Varela — Essie

Neil Elliot — Tom

Ross Shaw — Attendant Goblin

Ryan Pennington — Bilbo Baggins

Sage Herrick — Nori

Thomas Chynoweth — Dori

Thomas L. Pentecost — Gandalf

Traeton Lee Rapp — Goblin

Vicente Vargas — Bomfur

Virginia Chavez — The Elven Queen

Wyatt Armstrong — Bofur

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