One thought on ““Magic” with Xanadu!

  1. Congratulations, Dehron and your amazingly talented cast and crew ——-Great job!
    Years ago, I enjoyed Xanadu with my much younger son and daughter. I always believed my son was O.N.J.’s #1 fan in Louisiana. It was wonderful to experience Xanadu at ALT with my now grown son and daughter.
    I was privileged to view the show on stage Friday evening——-what fun! I didn’t think it possible to enjoy it more, but I actually did on Saturday evening. From the audience, I was able to see the whole stage and didn’t miss a thing. There was so much going on; such a variety of talent! The vocals, dance, comedy, even roller skating! Wow! Xanadu had it all!
    It’s been said that ” laughter is the best medicine”. If that’s true, what do you do when your side hurts from laughing??
    Thank you again, ALT for such a fun experience!

    Louisiana Mom

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